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Advocates, meet your
  • mission control.
  • superpower.
  • swiss-army knife.
  • dashboard.

Legalghar provides tools that helps advocates practice law at their best.

Legalghar launches early-2023. We'd like to invite you to experience Legalghar before it goes live.

Manage your entire legal practice with
one platform

An unmatched calendar

Meet the all-in-one calendar. Schedule time for clients, get your up-to-date court schedules automagically, or hop into a secured video call with a client in a tap!

Stay in touch with your clients

Manage clients at one place. Link them to their cases. Maintain detailed profiles. Add their points of contact. All at rocket speed.

Power up your cases

Track cases without friction from start to finish. Case status, priority, activity, information, court data, people involved - see every detail at a glance.

Real time, all-the-time

Legalghar is so simple to use, it's easy to overlook the wealth of complex technologies packed under the hood. We automatically sync data from courts with your cases. So you always stay on top of that next hearing of yours.

Keep your documents with your cases

Store all relevant documents to your case with ease. Easily organize them, or securely share them with your team and enjoy the benefits of hassle-free collaboration!

Research rethought

Save any page on the web to Legalghar. Use the Legalghar extension to effortlessly save things you see on the web into your case. No switching tabs and losing focus. Just supercharged research.

Citations. Now powered by mighty Machine Learning

Intelligent suggestions of judgements and related cases level up your productivity by a stratosphere. Get the closest results automatically for reference. Based on tens of factors. From 1,50,00,000+ cases. In under 100 milliseconds. It all seems magic.

Activity. Tracked

A detailed audit monitoring along with member-level access controls help keep the security latch locked and your data safe.

Meet your command menu

Any action can be accessed and completed in seconds with the command menu. No more browsing around. Type anything anywhere to go to that thing there. Simple? And with contextual menus, you don't even need to go beyond the command menu. Feel free to disconnect your mouse. Seriously.

Legalghar provides tools that helps advocates practice law at their best.

Legalghar launches early-2023. We'd like to invite you to experience Legalghar before it goes live.

Legal assistance
can may might should be accessible to the common man.

People get petrified of legal trouble and would rather not spend time sorting things out with the law for various reasons, one of them being a lack of awareness about which issues actually necessitate professional legal assistance. Being afraid of how fellow people will perceive them or what they'll say about their situation, people fail to seek help.

An unfortunate fact: Almost 99.1% of sexual assaults against women go unreported in India. In addition to coping with the aftermath of the attack, they also have to face the possibility that their attacker will never be brought to justice. The shame and stigma associated with sexual assault often discourages women from coming forward, which allows perpetrators to get away with their crimes. We need to do more to support survivors and create an environment where they feel comfortable coming forward.

At Legalghar, we envision providing legal accessibility to the common people at the tip of the finger. A fair access to legal advisory. To educate them with knowledge about exercising their rights. To create new safer ways for them to make their voice heard. To make them legally aware.

We have a long way to go. We have initially built the best Law Practice Management suite there is to bring advocates onboard. And more importantly, stay onboard. It's a prerequisite to the real stuff. This initiative will not be possible without all of your good faith and support. We know it's going to be very hard. And we are still here. Working. Dreaming.

Towards a legally-aware India.


Legal assistance at your doorstep!